Our Service – Consult, Develop, Support – Get Mobile Fast

Our Service – Consult, Develop, Support – Get Mobile Fast

Consult, Develop, Support – Get Mobile Fast

If you have a business problem, and the solution needs to be agile and highly mobile, Shinytekk can offer you that solution.

We provide application development for all major mobile platforms, as simple or as complex as you need. From a twitter client, to a bespoke mobile database system to interact with your global database. If you have an idea for a utility that you want building, we can help you design, test and deploy it across all digital distribution systems. We can offer consultation on what’s possible, or what you thought was impossible.

We offer a free first time consultation to discuss the vast possibilities of the smart phone revolution, look at how we can help you, and leave you with an idea of cost and time scale.

Next step is for Shinytekk to build your app, leading with the platform of your choice.

Then comes testing, and signing of approval.

We’ll handle the submission and maintenance on the App Store, Google Play.

After that we’ll be ready to prepare updates and changes – small or large and maintain support as your system is used day to day.

Best of all we are a UK based company so we’ll alway be on hand to talk, support and improve on our work with you.

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